An Exerpt

Description: A child with special needs becomes an everyday heroine. Claire hates bugs more than anything in the world. One day while sitting by a lake, a monstrous beetle crawls on her leg and a swarm of dragonflies buzz around her face. Claire wants to yell for help, but she cannot speak words. As she creeps toward her candy-purple wheelchair, Claire is suddenly surrounded by a bright light. Claire’s shimmering guardian angel appears and offers her the gift of courage. While facing her fears, Claire soon discovers that by being brave and listening with her heart, she can clearly see beauty beyond her wildest imagination. Dragonfly Surprise is a touching story for children that delivers an inspirational message about courage and happiness through the eyes of a young girl’s beautiful soul. Illustrated by Tamara R. Sayre.

Publisher: Wild Blueberry Press
Copyright Year: © 2017
Language: English
Country: United States
Keywords: special needs, girl, dragonfly, dragonfly life cycle, guardian angel, fear of bugs, overcoming fear, courage, bravery, Minnesota, lake, happiness, joy, nature, listen with heart, spirituality, vision-impaired, mobility impaired, non-verbal, heroine