Dragonfly Surprise, Theresa A. O'Kane, Wild Blueberry Press, MN


Theresa A. O'Kane

International Award Winning Author

Best Book Children's Inspirational, Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Dragonfly Surprise

Best Book Children's Inspirational


2nd place Special Needs/Disability Awareness & Honorable Mention Picture Books 6 and older, 2018

Red Ribbon Winner, 2017

When you listen with your heart, you will see clearly.

© Theresa A. O'Kane | Wild Blueberry Press

A child with special needs becomes an everyday heroine. Claire hates bugs more than anything in the world. One day while sitting by a lake, a monstrous beetle crawls on her leg and a swarm of dragonflies buzz around her face. Claire wants to yell for help, but she cannot speak words. As she creeps toward her candy-purple wheelchair, Claire is suddenly surrounded by a bright light.

Claire’s shimmering guardian angel appears and offers her the gift of courage. While facing her fears, Claire soon discovers that by being brave and listening with her heart, she can clearly see beauty beyond her wildest imagination.

Special needs bookshelf space will find this book a perfect fit.

Dragonfly Surprise delights and educates children, and there are life messages for people of all ages. A man who was struggling with prostate cancer said to me after reading the book, “If Claire can be brave, so can I.”